Total Solar Eclipse 2024

On April 8, 2024, North America will encounter a celestial experience like no other: a total solar eclipse. The 2024 total solar eclipse will journey across North America, beginning on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, traveling up through the U.S. from Texas to Maine, and ultimately reaching the Atlantic Coast of Canada.  According to the Interactive Eclipse Path Using Google Maps found on NASA’s website parts of Bollinger County will be under totality for more than 4 minutes.
City of Marble Hill, MO
’s Duration of Totality will be 4m09.6s
Zalma Duration of Totality will be 4m10.5s
Patton Duration of Totality will be 3m 58s
Leopold Duration of Totality will be 4m10.1s
Grassy Duration of Totality will be 4m07.7s.
This means ANYWHERE in Bollinger County, Missouri, will be a good seat for the Total Solar Eclipse 2024.

Lodging Available for Eclipse 2024
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