About the Chamber

The goal of the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce is to advance and promote the
general prosperity of each community in Bollinger County as well as the surrounding area. We

wish to promote and give attention to community pride, industry, education, and tourism to make our county a nice place to reside.

As a member of the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce, you will receive benefits as well as individual recognition for participation and support in a growing number of publications. Others in your community will also recognize your interest in the common goals of prosperity, pride, industry, education and tourism.

For those of you that have been members of the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce
in the past, you will notice that the amount for yearly dues has been reduced due to the Bollinger
County Fair Board taking over advertising for the Fall Fair. Please support the fair board with
advertising during this major fall event.

The Chamber meets the second Tuesday at 7 pm at the Bollinger County Extension Office. 
The location of the
monthly meetings can be found on our Facebook Page or in the
Banner Press newspaper the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

We need your ideas, input, and interest to run a successful Chamber of Commerce.
Please share yourself and your ideas by joining the Chamber. Bollinger County needs you!

Contact us at 573-208-5426 or visitbocomo@gmail.com